What is BioLaurus?

BioLaurus is a molecular imaging preclinical drug/device contract research laboratory. We're working with leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug/device development, and deliver the most translationally relevant research results. From consulting on study design through project execution, BioLaurus is focused on solutions that accelerate your research projects.

Preclin Platform®

BioLaurus's core competency is in its integrated multimodality imaging platform.
Imaging modalities include:
  • PET
  • CT
  • Micro CT (ex vivo, specimen)
  • MRI
  • Micro Ultrasound
  • Optical
  • Intravital Microscopy
  • Microdialysis
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BioLaurus Services

BioLaurus combines an array of cutting-edge technologies and disease models, enabling the company to deliver a remarkable portfolio of first-in-class innovative services to its customers.

BioLaurus's service areas include:

  • PK/PD
  • ADME
  • MOA
  • Efficacy
  • Imaging Toxicology/Safety

Each of these service offerings is available as a conventional preclinical study or as a longitudinal study.

Longitudinal Studies

BioLaurus's technology platform and molecular imaging lab capabilities enable it to be the first CRO capable of performing multi modality longitudinal studies across the preclinical spectrum.
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Imaging Toxicology

BioLaurus is the CRO leader in the emerging field of Imaging Toxicology.
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Ultrasound cardiac strain analysis
Ultrasound cardiac strain analysis – example of drug induced rat heart dysfunction indicated by asymmetry of myocardial motility during heart beat