Author: Andrew Bourdon

Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

Important New Drug Development Research from Ionis Pharmaceuticals

As presented at SOT annual meeting, Baltimore MD   A wide array of drugs has adverse effects on platelet numbers and function making assays of in vivo platelet function so important in drug development. Platelets serve a critical role in hemostasis. Platelet (PLT) homeostasis is normally tightly regulated with PLT production in the bone marrow…
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5 Amazing Discoveries Enhanced by Genome Sequencing

Genome sequencing is the process by which the order of the bases that make up the nucleotide are established. The most significant base or gene sequence that is mostly determined is the organismal DNA. The bases are usually made of four main types of bases which are adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. The order at…
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5 Ways Personalized Medicine Can Shift From Concept To Reality

Personalized medicine refers to determining the most effective course of treatment based on a patient’s biochemical constitution, which, in turn, is determined by his/her gene profile. Why is this approach gaining popularity? Consider just one area in which it may be very effective: medication side effects. How often have you seen/heard ads that start by…
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4 Ways 3d Printers Are Revolutionizing Personalized Medicine

Personalize medicine is a field that is generally defined as a medical procedure that differentiates patients into distinct categories based on practices, medical decisions, interventions and products being fitted to the individual patient based on their anticipated response or risk of disease. This term has popularized in recent years due to the growth of upcoming…
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Latest Amazing Advances in Micro-CT for Preclinical Imaging

Preclinical Imaging simply put, is the ability to see how living animals respond to the different drug injections or prescriptions mainly for research purposes. The process helps in the discovery of new drugs. The answers are sought through research for those diseases or ailments that are affecting the youth and the old population. The focus…
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6 Fascinating Ways Big Data Is Driving Personalized Medicine Revolution

There has been a big data explosion in healthcare for the past two decades as well as new methodologies, platforms, and tools for structuring, storing and analyzing Big Data. Also known as, precision medicine, personalized medicine has become the current biggest revolution that has been aided by Big Data. Big Data is demonstrating a great…
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Seven ways personalized medicine helps fight breast cancer

7 Ways Personalized Medicine Is Changing Breast Cancer

With your life on the line, no risks can be taken. However, when you go to your doctor and wait for a diagnosis, you are taking a risk. When you buy the prescribed medicines over the counter at a medical store, you are still taking a risk. Why is it so? It’s simple. You are…
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8 amazing examples of micro-CT analysis used for fossils

8 Spectacular Examples of Micro-CT Being Used to Analyze Fossils

Micro-CT or X-ray micro tomography is used generally to create a three dimensional cross sections of object. Amazingly, this is done without harming the substance in any way possible. The size of the pixels help in creating high definition and resolution x-ray tomography and other related stuff. In the modern era, this technique or process…
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10 Amazing Ways Molecular Imaging is Shaping the Medical Field

Molecular imaging is an advanced field within radio-pharmacology. This method of medical imaging provides detailed pictures in which it’s possible to see the way the cells function normal and disease states and to do this in living organisms. Unlike other diagnostic imaging procedures that target anatomic structure – like ultrasound, CT, and MRI – with…
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