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Biolaurus’ New Website


We at BioLaurus our announcing our fresh, NEW WEBSITE – redesigned to better represent our Preclinical Molecular Imaging services we provide to YOU! Focusing on the “person to person” aspect of our services – preclinical molecular imaging that integrates with YOUR style of working. If you are in drug development, you will likely need preclinical molecular imaging – our flexible, de-centralized business model puts YOU in touch with world experts in imaging, at various academic and industrial institutions globally.


We can help you with your various Preclinical Molecular Imaging needs:

  • Safety and Toxicology? Check
  • Assay Development? Check
  • Non-Human Primates? Check

Many modalities to choose from – we’ve got you covered. And we have fun doing it! We work WITH YOU on study design, targets, desired outcomes. And we are a resource for you as well – our blogs are light and witty – adding some humor to your daily grind in the life sciences. Our website will soon provide you with checklists, guides, and more – to help with your preclinical work. 

“We are excited for the launch of the new website, which provides a dynamic interface with you – information, articles, resources and more – better fitting the needs of our industry, while personalizing our individual working relationships with clients.” – Dr Mario Bourdon, President and CSO, BioLaurus Inc

Our new approach is more integrated WITH YOU than ever before – utilizing our expertise (and that of our network), we co-design the studies with you, also working with you and your team as much (or as little) as you wish – our new “Hybrid Integration” model which seamlessly drives your study results.

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