Molecular Imaging

Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

Welcome to the Art of Molecular Imaging

It’s not just about images anymore. The science of NEW molecular imaging captures the probable location of molecules over time. Spatial atomical relationships that paint a picture of functionality – literally a form of art.


BioLaurus is Your Solution for molecular imaging.

At BioLaurus, our experience and technology prevail as both leaders in the field and in speed. Our various molecular imaging services not only meet your needs, but provide you with cutting-edge analytics to accelerate your timelines and drive your success.

We give you access to a plethora of proprietary and advanced technologies to augment your preclinical research studies. We collaboratively partner with YOU to design and implement successful scientific studies and imaging assays, speeding your timelines and reaching your goals – faster. Using our “Hybrid Integration Model”, we integrate with you and your staff’s own business processes and communication styles – as much (or little) as you wish – bringing you the best level of collaboration. We are a NEW kind of contract research company.    

Molecular Imaging Services Portfolio

Your needs drive our passion. The BioLaurus portfolio includes a conglomeration of offerings which services all phases of the drug development lifecycle.

Safety & Toxicology

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Assay Development

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Immune Therapy

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Imaging Pharmacokinetics

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in-vivo Efficacy

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Mouse to NHP

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