About BioLaurus

Imaging the Future of Therapeutics


We are in-vivo Molecular Imaging  Specialists

We provide translational knowledge; bridging the pre-clinical and clinical research worlds. It is complex but accessible. Through BioLaurus, You have available a whole suite of highly specialized expertise and technology. We are collaborative and responsive to YOU – a new way of fulfilling your preclinical research needs.


Our key objective is to help YOU through each phase of your preclinical research process – we are specialists in Molecular Imaging.

We harness multiple technologies and analytics to gather the most translational, relevant safety and toxicoogy data that can accelerate preclinical study timelines and reduce clinical study failure risk. We bring  you success.



Our collaborative “Hybrid Integration” model brings together our specialized research team with YOUR team. You determine how much integration takes place – we can work within your own processes, team meetings, and internal communication style – working with your staff as much (or as little) as you wish. Driving your goals forward, in alignment with YOUR ways of doing business.

Our Business Model is a Strength

BioLaurus is a dynamic molecular imaging company comprised of core staff, executive management, scientists and administration, but we have something additional which benefits you. Our ‘expanded’ staff is comprised of a netowork of providers who we hand-select to conduct in-life studies, much like a Clinical Research Organization partners with hospitals and clinics.

This network is strong, fresh, and talented – creating a pool of professionals that can be selectively tapped into, depending on the project. Highly-skilled scientists and subject matter experts, from various global pharma, biotech and academic institutios – bringing together a conglomeration of competencies that support YOU.

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