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Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

7 Famous Clinical Animal Studies That Led To Medical Breakthroughs

Humane research conducted on animals over the last few years has brought many medical benefits that have helped humans. People are living healthier, longer lives and some of the deadly diseases that plagued humankind at the turn of the century have been overcome. We owe much of that breakthrough to biomedical research. Research conducted on…
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Clinical trials and drug safety

6 Reasons Clinical Trials Are Important For Drug Safety

With the advancement of science, clinical trials have become an integral part of medicine. There are numerous benefits and advantages of having a clinical trial before the treatment is approved for the public. Six reasons which prove the importance of clinical trials are given below: 1. Clinical trials help in developing safe, and better, medicine.…
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CT Imaging study

5 Amazing Things Molecular Imaging Has Captured

It is on record that not less than 16 million molecular imaging procedures are carried out each year in the United States. Out of these, 35- 40% are cancer examinations and 40-50% are cardiac related. The discovery of Molecular Imaging (MI) more than 58 years ago has brought about a new revolution in the field…
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6 Reasons Animal Testing is a Superior Method for Drug Testing

Testing drugs on animals before trying them on humans is a common practice for researchers the world over. Compared to other methods of drug testing, like petri dish stem cells, it gives more data for analysis. There are six good reasons why testing drugs on animals is still the preferred preclinical drug testing method: 1.…
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SOT 57th annual meeting and tox expo

Important New Drug Development Research from Ionis Pharmaceuticals

As presented at SOT annual meeting, Baltimore MD A wide array of drugs has adverse effects on platelet numbers and function making assays of in vivo platelet function so important in drug development. Platelets serve a critical role in hemostasis. Platelet (PLT) homeostasis is normally tightly regulated with PLT production in the bone marrow balanced…
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Latest Amazing Advances in Micro-CT for Preclinical Imaging

Preclinical imaging simply put, is the ability to see how living animals respond to the different drug injections or prescriptions mainly for research purposes. The process helps in the discovery of new drugs. The answers are sought through research for those diseases or ailments that are affecting the youth and the old population. The focus…
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10 Amazing Ways Molecular Imaging is Shaping the Medical Field

Molecular imaging is an advanced field within radio-pharmacology. This method of medical imaging provides detailed pictures in which it’s possible to see the way the cells function normal and disease states and to do this in living organisms. Unlike other diagnostic imaging procedures that target anatomic structure – like ultrasound, CT, and MRI – with…
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