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Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

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Cat got your tongue?

A BioLaurus Blog by Kimberly Brue If you don’t know where your keys, your car, or even your kids are at a certain time – you aren’t alone. Every day millions of people contemplate this as a frustrating part of normal life. But, one consideration comes to light – if it’s not a ‘senior moment’,…
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7 wonders of the preclinical world

7 Wonders of the [PreClinical] World

Ever had a sleepless night wondering what miracles exist in the preclinical world that enable studies to support research pipelines? Me neither. But let’s explore in a humorous way and have some fun… If you work in the medical field, you know how important preclinical trials can be. Often, when you hear about clinical trials,…
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What’s Critical for Assay Development Today?

The needle in the haystack… In the world of drug development, many are looking for solutions during the process – needles in the haystack – from discovery through commercialization. One of the areas of highest frustration in the proverbial haystack of drug development is assay development. As any pharmaceutical CSO or research head can tell…
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SOT 57th annual meeting and tox expo

Important New Drug Development Research from Ionis Pharmaceuticals

As presented at SOT annual meeting, Baltimore MD A wide array of drugs has adverse effects on platelet numbers and function making assays of in vivo platelet function so important in drug development. Platelets serve a critical role in hemostasis. Platelet (PLT) homeostasis is normally tightly regulated with PLT production in the bone marrow balanced…
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