Mouse to NHP

Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

Animal PreClinical Studies

In today’s research and development climate, it is necessary to satisfy safety and toxicity requirements through the use of preclinical animal studies prior to studies in humans. We can help you.


We can help you select the appropriate species to best represent your disease model or therapeutic area. We offer studies in mice through NHPs.


The design of the study is key – how many cohorts, number, treatments, recovery, and animal welfare. Our specialists can help design your success.


Deciding on imaging modalities will make or break your study – our teams can design imaging outputs that support  your study goals. From gene expression through ultrasound and PET/SPECT and more – we offer various scenarios for your study.


BioLaurus can provide you the studies you need, with access to seasoned professionals, at an economical cost to meet your budgetary needs. We pride ourselves on our partnered business model which brings you a more economical study.

Non-Human Primate Studies

We offer solutions in NHP studies for your preclinical needs, manging the entire study for you, utilizing one of our various high-quality vivarium partners. We operate as the Study Director throughout the entire process – seamlessly bringing you solutions.  

All research is conducted in AAALAC and USDA registered facilities and in accordance with IACUC, OLAW, and FDA guidelines. BioLaurus has imaging instrumentation within our partner facilities and our highly trained staff conduct all imaging related functions and activities.

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