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Imaging the Future of Therapeutics

The evolution of molecular imaging

The Evolution of What?

Since the earth was born and man was created, there has been much evolution in the universe. Man, as a species, has evolved to what we are today (and we continue to evolve over time). This in itself is a complex topic, but perhaps we can reflect on an interesting aspect of evolution – with…
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7 wonders of the preclinical world

7 Wonders of the [PreClinical] World

Ever had a sleepless night wondering what miracles exist in the preclinical world that enable studies to support research pipelines? Me neither. But let’s explore in a humorous way and have some fun… If you work in the medical field, you know how important preclinical trials can be. Often, when you hear about clinical trials,…
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The Use of Preclinical Imaging in Drug Development

The process of developing drugs can take at least 10 years. That’s because of the lengthy research, development, and testing phases that must occur. Only after these stages are completed can the drug be manufactured for use. The types of studies needed to move through the drug discovery/drug development process usually follows a path from…
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