Molecular Imaging (Drug) PK/PD

  • Rat Brain CFN. Molecular Imaging Study
    CNS Receptor Occupancy – Rat Brain PET/MRI

Molecular Imaging (Drug) PK/PD

Increasingly drug development stage Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology have required multi-compartmental in vivo analysis. This is further driven by the necessity to discover adverse or toxic affects earlier than possible with classic histopathology or single compartment (blood) analysis. To provide the analysis needed requires imaging and imaging computational analysis. In most instances imaging is combined with blood analytics including clinical chemistry, flow cytometry, and hematology as well as terminal histopathology.

BioLaurus capabilities include an array of CNS receptor occupancy and drug PK analysis typically with PET and SPECT tracers. Among BioLaurus capabilities are the ability to do both short term (30 to 90 minute) dynamic image Time Activity Curves to longitudinal 72 hour to 90 day studies.

Drug PK can be combined with PD assays and anatomic (CT, MR) in multiple organs including BBB permeability, renography, and hepatobiliary function.

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