Study Models

  • CNS Receptor Occupancy, PET MOR Assay
    CNS Receptor Occupancy, PET MOR Assay

Study Models

BioLaurus capabilities include a broad array of study models for both drug discovery and drug development stage therapeutics.

  • CNS Receptor Occupancy/PK
    • Opioid MOR, KOR
    • Serotonin receptors
    • GABA receptors, DAT
  • Blood Brain Barrier permeability
  • Cell tracking
    • PLT survival and sequestration PK (rodent, rabbit, NHP)
    • T-cell targeting in vivo (rodent)
  • NASH (murine)
  • Cardiomyopathy (rodent)
  • Oncology, experience with over a hundred human tumor cell lines in a wide range of xenograft models in Nu/Nu, SCID, and NOD SCID strains. Orthotopic models include brain, breast, kidney, lung.
  • Functional Imaging
    • Perfusion
    • Cardiac function
    • Hepatobiliary function imaging
    • Kidney function (renography)
    • GI (enterocyte) function
    • Angiography
  • Reporter Gene models
    • Luciferase/TK/ GFP
    • Cell in vitro gene transfection/transduction
    • In vivo (HDTV) gene transfection/transduction
  • Bone Morphometry
    • CT spinal fusion materials biodistribution, time course
    • Micro-CT bone morphometry – bone destruction/regeneration

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