Support Facilities & Equipment

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Support Facilities & Equipment

BioLaurus has available a broad range of facilities and equipment to conduct molecular imaging and analytic studies. Capabilities include:

  • Vivarium (CRO) that are AAALC accredited, OLAW registered, and USDA registered. These vivarium are approved by BioLaurus through our audit process and are GLP capable. Animal species supported include rodents, rabbits, mini pigs, and non-human primates (NHP). Protocols are approved by a BioLaurus ACUP review and institutional IACUC approval process.
  • BioLaurus Image analysis lab with full IT , server, and computer capabilities to perform image analysis. A wide array of image visualization and analysis software are deployed including PMOD DBAS and PKIN, Amira, EchoInsight cardiac suite, Amide, and custom engineered software/scripts. Studies are supported by SciNote ELN, and GraphPad Prizm.
  • Radiochemistry/cyclotron facilities capable of all radiochemistry including C-11 and FDG. Molecule chelation (DTPA, DOTA, PCTA) for labeling with Tc-99, In-111, Lu-177, Cu-64, Zr-89, and Y-90. In addition iodination with I-123 and I-124. Cell labeling with In-111, Tc-99, Zr-89.
  • Molecule and cell labeling lab for fluorescence labeling and reporter gene expression labeling.
  • Surgical suites for survival surgical procedures including venous and arterial catheterization in rodents to NHP.
  • Monitoring equipment including ultrasound, C-arm, oximeter, ventilators (rodent and large animal), inhalation anesthesia, hematology, flow cytometer.
  • Cell culture facility.

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