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BioLaurus is happy to be an avid information sharer in industry. Our blogs provide information about the field of preclinical molecular imaging, as well as some peripheral topics which round out discussions on successful drug discovery. Some will even give you a chuckle! Check them out: new website layout

Biolaurus’ New Website

We are focusing on services and assay development that better align with your projects and the way you work.

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Image 1 schrodingers-cat

Cat got your tongue?

A BioLaurus Blog by Kimberly Brue If you don’t know where your keys, your car, or even your kids are at a certain time – you aren’t alone. Every day[…]

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The evolution of molecular imaging

The Evolution of What?

Since the earth was born and man was created, there has been much evolution in the universe. Man, as a species, has evolved to what we are today (and we[…]

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